Kalovy was founded in 2021 by Montreal-based sisters Maria and Katerina. It all began during the pandemic when travel restrictions were strong, and they didn’t have access to their most-loved organic products from Europe. They made it their mission to pave the way for these exciting and coveted brands, which were only available abroad, to become accessible in North America. Kalovy is now exclusively featuring a curation of niche, clean, and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products from around the globe.


At Kalovy, we believe that self-care is essential. We want you to feel beautiful and to allow yourself to indulge in self-care rituals we know you will love. Our selection includes a variety of moisturizers, serums, SLS-free cleansers, 100% natural facial oils, lavish spa-like body butters and scrubs, and so much more. Kalovy also has dedicated collections that are vegan-friendly and pregnancy safe - kind for all skin types and concerns. Our exhaustive curation process takes months as we want to bring you only the most unique, safe, effective, and luxurious face, body, and hair care products without compromising our standard.


Kalovy (ka·lō·vī) is derived from two words - Kalo in ancient Greek means beautiful and Vie in French means life. Kalovy inspires us to live beautiful by honoring our values, practicing self-care and bringing balance and relaxation in our busy lives.