Creating new standards for mom and baby skincare. So kind, so pure, so natural, and always with the environment in mind. SoKind revolts against the flawed market for harmless baby and mom skincare, creating formulas grounded in our principles of purity and sustainability. SoKind has blacklisted all potentially harmful ingredients from their scientifically-backed, pure formulas to create the safest products for babies and mothers. All products are from naturally efficacious ingredients free from alcohol, fragrance, animal-derived ingredients, acetone and dyes.

All products are Allergy Certified and all packaging are FSC certified.

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Blissful Moments

An absolute treat for a stretched belly bump, providing the stressed and sensitive skin with all the moisture and active ingredients necessary to stretch and grow beautifully throughout pregnancy.


Love Lines

A rich, easily absorbed balm formulated with a powerful blend of botanical antioxidants and fatty acid-rich oils to help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.


Dear Baby Skin Care Kit

An essential bundle of head-to-toe products formulated for delicate baby skin. Delivered in the new baby suitcase holding hours of fun and sparing the environment from one-purpose boxes.

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Their story

SoKind was created for the need of better, simple and natural skincare tailored to the stages of pregnancy, postpartum and for the thin, delicate skin of our children. Finding skincare that is equally natural, safe, and nourishing for ourselves and our children is difficult, and Sokind was created to be an obvious choice with no fluff, no compromises for all women and their babies. "We work consistently to create natural and hypoallergenic skincare to provide the highest level efficacy for skin-deep nurture and protection for sensitive baby skin and the mature skin of mothers."

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5 items