Feeling rundown and overwhelmed? In need of a little self care or self love? Create a nightly routine that fundamentally supports your desire to reset, relax, and let go. Enter a new era. The era of you.

  1. Light the night. Set fire to our very own 100% pure wax and vegan Italia Escapist Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio. Inspired by fresh baked biscotti, suffuse your space with a blend of cardamom, vanilla, clove, incense, and orange blossom. Begin to unwind as you enter a state of pure serenity and peace. Leave the stresses and obstacles of the day well behind you.

  2. Next, cleanse and gently melt it all away with the 3 in 1 Fig All Beauty Jelly Pot  by Ere Perez. Enacting as a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask users can erase makeup, pollutants, and impurities, while locking in hydration and moisture. In need of a little extra love? Filled with all natural antioxidants and vitamins, apply as a face mask to further protect and penetrate your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Conclude your session with a warm water rinse off. 

  3. Winters can be harsh on not only our skin, but our lips as well. Replace chapped and cracked for supple and smooth with our very own Olio E Osso Lip Scrub. Exfoliate the dead skin cells away, and leave your lips feeling soft and plumped. Keep your mind at ease as you bask in unrefined ground olive stones and locally roasted coffee beans. Simply swipe onto lips, gently massage, and wipe off with a soft towelette. Follow with Olio E Osso Balms for an added shine and glow.

  4. Your body works hard. Allow it to heal and mend with Mifa’s All Over Oil. A 100% natural nutrient-rich elixir filled with antioxidants, minerals, and Vitamins B & C. Experience an oil that can be spread and supported all over. Indulge in the therapeutic and tranquil scents of Roman Chamomile and Bergamot pure essential oils, as you gently massage a few drops to face, body, and hair. Prevent, protect, and prepare for the days - and nights ahead.

  5. Complete your body care with the gentle help of Cleo+Coco signature Lavender Vanilla Aluminium Free deodorant. Slip into the ultimate state of serene relaxation with one swipe. A staple in aromatherapy, soothing notes of lavender will ease tension and calm the body while scents of sweet vanilla work to create a warm, safe, and comforting space. Experience freshness and cleanliness without the harm of synthetic ingredients. Protect yourself, your health and your peace.

  6. Cease your restorative routine with a touch of the Aegean Islands. Enable The Jewel of Mykonos Glowing Mask by Ariadne Athens to deeply submerge and absorb into your pores . Shea butter alongside rapeseed extract work interdependently to protect and moisturize, and fight against age spots and pigmentations altogether.  In just fifteen blissful minutes, rinse off with warm water and welcome an instant glow lasting well till morning. Enjoy a complimentary Kalovy face mask applicator brush with your purchase. 

A restful night and a productive day ahead starts with a healthy routine. It starts with Kalovy. 

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